Predicting The Next 12 Months For Your Local Service Business Without Expert Digital Marketing

What 12-months could look like for a Founder who doesn’t invest into digital marketing.

3 Takeaways From The CDANA 2023 Marketing Roundtable

Here are 3 quick takeaways from the CDANA marketing roundtable that might help your dealership when it comes to getting more leads.

Increase your audience without losing ROI – Buyer Interest Pyramid

Can you effectively reach 10-20x more interested prospects? It’s not about Branding or Lead-Gen… One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when trying to reach a larger audience is they run branding ads with lead gen calls-to-action and offers. This 8-minute video explains what to do instead! To effectively broaden your reach, Optimized Marketing Team

What Should You Expect from a Web Company?

Have you ever worked with a bad web marketing company? (These are the web companies that don’t want you to be able to hold them accountable for results because they don’t know what works, what doesn’t, and why.) Sadly, there are a lot of them out there. Bad web companies like to keep you in […]

How to recruit and retain the ideal talent for your team

Every business understands that finding and retaining the top talent for the needs of the company is one of the most important things any business can do to ensure success. Optimized Marketing has developed a unique corporate structure and recruiting process in an effort to ensure that we have the very best talent available to […]

How High-Knowledge & Low-Knowledge Buyers Fix Hard Stains

Below you’ll read two stories—two different experiences of customers researching and buying a water softener. One is a low-knowledge customer (someone who’s never owned a water softener and doesn’t really even know what water treatment is). The other is a high-knowledge customer (someone who already has some knowledge about water treatment; our surveys indicate that […]

Becoming the Happiest Company in the World

Recently Optimized Marketing was recognized as the Happiest Company in the World by TinyPulse, a company that polls hundreds of top companies about their happiness and engagement in their organizations. So how does a company that has people working independently all across the country end up being the happiest out of more than 700 organizations […]

Are you ready for MobileGeddon?

In just a few days—April 21, 2015—Google is poised to unveil one of the biggest changes to their search engine rankings ever. Web marketing geeks around the world are calling it “MobileGeddon”… Companies around the world are scrambling to meet this deadline so they can avoid a harsh Google penalty that could cost them thousands […]

Increase Employee Productivity in 15 Min/Month with 100% Buy-In

You know the feeling, it feels like Christmas. You’ve spent hours trying to find the perfect gift for your son. You’ve braved the toy aisle at Walmart, battled the holiday-crazed parents at Target, and you’ve found that perfect toy. Then the day arrives and he tears the wrapping paper open and sees the box. His […]