Why You Should Never Post on Social Media – Unless You Do This

Social media offers incredible opportunities for solopreneurs to connect with potential customers and grow their businesses. It’s also the number 1 answer I get whenever I speak to first-time entrepreneurs about the ways they intend to reach potential customers. They all believe that a few social posts a week will have people queuing around the […]

Optimized Marketing SEO Case Study

Optimized Marketing has been dominating local search rankings since 2011. We have taken over and successfully improved the rankings of every client we have ever taken on. Our success is based on our unique strategy that independently evaluates each account based on the value of each term not just the traffic potential. We utilize PPC […]

Case Study: How Our Keyword to Revenue Strategy Helped Culligan Dealers Thrive Despite Industry Trends

This One Strategy Bucked Industry Trends For 90% of Dealers Case Study How Our Keyword to Revenue Strategy Helped 90% of our Culligan Dealers Increase Revenue Despite Industry Trends Challenge As a digital marketing agency, our challenge was to help Culligan dealers increase revenue during a challenging period when the industry was seeing a downward […]

YouTube Case Study

Why YouTube? YouTube is the latest up-and-coming social media platform for marketing after Facebook and Instagram. The CPM (Cost-per-mile or cost per thousand impressions) is relatively affordable when compared to TV. According to Pew Research as much as 81% of Americans use Youtube.  YouTube can sometimes be referred to as a web 2.0 A Web […]

Revitalizing Your Business: How Optimized Marketing Used Google Ads to Boost IV Hydration Startups

Introduction: Starting a new business can be tough, especially in a highly competitive industry like IV hydration. That’s where Optimized Marketing came in. Our team at Optimized Marketing was approached by several new IV hydration businesses who were just starting out and didn’t have a website or any marketing strategies in place. We knew that […]

How Local Service-Based Business Owners Can Use ChatGPT – Culligan Example

This article is written specifically for Culligan dealers—a group of hardworking, skilled local business owners across North America. We know this industry very well, having generated thousands of leads for these businesses over the last decade or so. However, if you’re a local business owner in pretty much any industry, this article will also help you […]

Unlocking Happiness: Insights & Tips from Our Team

Recently, our team had a chat about happiness during a culture onboarding session with Bryan Trilli. The talk began with a focus on “tangles” and how they relate to happiness. Bryan shared a story about an article he found on the “happiest man in the world,” which made us all wonder what happiness really means […]

A Quirky Twist of Fate: When Borat Meets AI in Marketing​

Hey There, Fellow Seekers of the Odd and Insightful: In this digital marketing rodeo, it’s usually the weird turns that take you somewhere interesting. Case in point: our very own Alex Kahts got more than he bargained for when dabbling with some AI shenanigans. Picture this: a Borat-inspired language model that’s supposed to be a laugh […]

Predicting The Next 12 Months For Your Local Service Business Without Expert Digital Marketing

What 12-months could look like for a Founder who doesn’t invest into digital marketing.

3 Takeaways From The CDANA 2023 Marketing Roundtable

Here are 3 quick takeaways from the CDANA marketing roundtable that might help your dealership when it comes to getting more leads.