Culligan’s Revenue Boost

This One Strategy Bucked Industry Trends For 90% of Dealers

Case Study: How Our Keyword to Revenue Strategy Helped 90% of our Culligan Dealers Increase Revenue Despite Industry Trends

Challenge: As a digital marketing agency, our challenge was to help Culligan dealers increase revenue during a challenging period when the industry was seeing a downward trend. 

We set out to achieve this by implementing our Keyword to Revenue strategy for 11 dealers across multiple digital advertising platforms.

Strategy: Our strategy involved tracking all paid marketing from inquiry to lead to revenue, optimizing the keywords, and allocating the budget between Google Ads, Bing, Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest to maximize revenue. 

We also provided personalized guidance and support to each dealer to ensure that they were able to fully leverage the strategy.

Results: Our efforts paid off in a big way! Of the 11 dealers utilizing our strategy, 5 have set monthly website revenue records in the last 3 months (Dec 22-Feb 23). In addition, of the 10 dealers that we have been working with for over a year, 9 of them are up in revenue. 

Even during February, which is typically not a great month for revenue in this industry and is also a shorter month, three dealers set records for the highest monthly website revenue ever.

Conclusion: Our Keyword to Revenue strategy has enabled Culligan dealers to thrive despite the challenging industry trends. 

By leveraging the power of digital advertising platforms, personalized guidance, and our expertise, we were able to help our clients achieve remarkable results. 

We are proud to have played a role in our clients’ success and look forward to working with you to drive great results.

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