How Culligan Dealers Can Successfully Sell Water Treatment Systems on Facebook

At Optimized Marketing, we get this question a lot from Culligan dealers: I’m hearing a lot about Facebook marketing. Should I be on Facebook? Does it work for water treatment? Well, let me start with a quick spoiler. Facebook definitely CAN work for Culligan dealers, if you do it the right way. We have a […]

Gaining Charity Backlinks

One quick and easy way to help boost your organic rankings for high-value keywords today! Are you interested in helping your website rank for your most important keywords? One way to turn your website into a Search Engine juggernaut is to build a backlink from all of the companies you partner with and charities to […]

Why some businesses succeed and others just “hang in” there

On a balmy summer day, five years ago, two men excitedly stepped into the position of Owner/General Manager of their own Culligan Dealerships. These two men were very similar. Both their fathers had took on the same role from their fathers, both were college educated and had been involved in the family business since they […]

What Should You Expect from a Web Company?

Have you ever worked with a bad web marketing company? (These are the web companies that don’t want you to be able to hold them accountable for results because they don’t know what works, what doesn’t, and why.) Sadly, there are a lot of them out there. Bad web companies like to keep you in […]

How to recruit and retain the ideal talent for your team

Every business understands that finding and retaining the top talent for the needs of the company is one of the most important things any business can do to ensure success. Optimized Marketing has developed a unique corporate structure and recruiting process in an effort to ensure that we have the very best talent available to […]

How High-Knowledge & Low-Knowledge Buyers Fix Hard Stains

Below you’ll read two stories—two different experiences of customers researching and buying a water softener. One is a low-knowledge customer (someone who’s never owned a water softener and doesn’t really even know what water treatment is). The other is a high-knowledge customer (someone who already has some knowledge about water treatment; our surveys indicate that […]

Becoming the Happiest Company in the World

Recently Optimized Marketing was recognized as the Happiest Company in the World by TinyPulse, a company that polls hundreds of top companies about their happiness and engagement in their organizations. So how does a company that has people working independently all across the country end up being the happiest out of more than 700 organizations […]

Forget about Profits and Revenue!

Learn what numbers are really crucial each week… When you’re bragging to your buddies or when it’s time to actually sell your business, the revenue and profits are important numbers… While you’re actively improving your business, they are secondary. However there are numbers that every business needs to review each week. These should be part […]

Carve Out a Niche or Sell Your Business for Less

A business with an established niche is always worth more A business niche is, “something that prevents your competitors from competing directly on price.” Recently we listed a business that had such a well established niche the owner claimed they were #1 on Google in the organic search results for about 1,000 phrases! Let me […]

Create a Business that isn’t Dependent on You

Improve your business by taking a vacation. In the first 2 emails we talked about making the commitment to sell and taking the time to setup professional financial reports. Now it’s time to look at how to make you, the owner, less important to the business. On a weekly basis we speak to owners who […]