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Apply to join Optimized Marketing, the 2015 Happiest Company in the world!

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  • Social Media Marketing Scientist – You’ll be generating leads for small businesses with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Ads.
  • Sales/Marketing Professional – You’ll be in charge of growing Optimized Marketing by generating sales and increasing inbound leads.
  • Web Developer – You’ll work primarily with WordPress (CSS/SCSS, PHP, HTML5) to help us develop better plugins, apps, and websites to streamline our operations.
  • Internet Marketing Scientist – You’ll be working in PPC, copywriting, web page creation, and conversion rate optimization for our small business clients to help them generate more online leads.
  • Entry Level WordPress Designer – You love learning WordPress and are excited to build on your knowledge to learn more and more. And more… On a part-time basis with the potential to move into a full-time position (or stay part-time, whatever floats your boat).