Websites and SEO

To create a stream of consistent, cost-effective, long-term, locally-focused visitors you need a continually tested and Search Engine Optimized website. This is your portal for current customers, new prospects, and particularly for visitors whose minds we can’t read… This is your “branding” website.

Your website has 2 different types of traffic…

And if you don’t know how to handle each type you’re losing customers and leads.

The 2 types of traffic are:

  1. Targeted
  2. Un-Targeted

The Targeted traffic is coming from Google Adwords campaigns, email marketing campaigns, or even social media marketing campaigns. We send those people to targeted landing pages with minimal leakage.

The Un-Targeted traffic is coming from everywhere else. They might have seen your truck drive by, received a business card, heard about you from a friend, or even found you in an online directory. With those people we don’t know what they want yet so we can’t send them to a targeted landing page.

Fairly simple, right? Has your web developer explained this to you before? If not beware because this simple concept is more important than any design feature.

So what are the goals of your primary site?

  1. Generate its own traffic through Search Engine Optimization or SEO.
  2. Convert visitors to contacts.

To be effective at Search Engine Optimization, your site quite literally has to be designed from the ground up to target the keywords in your local market. We’ll even use the lessons we learned from your SEM campaigns to target the best keywords.

Buying a pre-made website and bandaging it up won’t provide the maximum benefits from SEO.

To maximize your conversion rate you simply need to “test and tune” as we call it in drag racing.

The whole concept of a static web page where you “order” a website and then update it a few times a year is about as useful as Netscape.

If you buy a website and your web developer says, “Just let me know when you need me to update anything,” you may have made a mistake. Your job isn’t to know when your site needs to be updated or improved. It should be your online marketer’s job to tell you!

Lucky for you, we are not web developers… Our current team includes 2 mechanical engineers (Greg and Bryan), a dual accounting and marketing major (Amanda), and a microbiologist (Marque). In engineering we believe in Kaizen. The concept of continual improvement. Of constant, iterative evolution… It makes us somewhat uniquely qualified for testing and improving. We call that a “closed-loop system.”

Additional built-in benefits:

  • Personal email addresses (i.e.
  • Integration with Google Apps to provide emails, shared online schedules, and inter-office Instant Messaging – all wirelessly synched to your smart-phone.
  • Integrated Online Chat so your visitors have a low-risk way to ask you a question while visiting your site.
  • Separation of Route/Service contacts and Sales inquiries so your salesman isn’t getting notified of every customer contact.
  • “Low barrier to entry” testing. In the online world we call these opt-ins and they are one of the most powerful tools in your online marketing arsenal. We have the ability to create and test dozens of these for you.
  • Online ordering for customers who are ready to put in their credit card number and sign up right now.

Can you just update/improve my existing website?

Possibly. If nothing else, we prefer to take over your existing site and setup tracking on it for a month or 2 to learn how your visitors are interacting with your current site before we build you a new one. That way we know exactly where to focus the majority of our time and your money. You can read more about how we help businesses that already have a website.

How do you get a continually optimized website designed from the ground up for maximum SEO?

That’s easy. Just contact us and we’ll get you a quote. You could have a new website for as little as $2000 up-front within 2 weeks.

To your success with a high-converting, SEO website,

P.S. Notice how we didn’t reveal exactly HOW we build a website from the ground-up for maximum, locally-focused SEO OR how we constantly optimize the site? The reason is simple, we’re betting you don’t really care how it’s done. You just need to know that it works and that our unique methods are unlike anything else you’ll find from other web developers or online marketers. Feel free to contact us and we’ll explain it in detail.