Revitalizing Your Business: How Optimized Marketing Used Google Ads to Boost IV Hydration Startups


Starting a new business can be tough, especially in a highly competitive industry like IV hydration. That’s where Optimized Marketing came in. Our team at Optimized Marketing was approached by several new IV hydration businesses who were just starting out and didn’t have a website or any marketing strategies in place. We knew that an online presence was essential for their success, so we got to work creating highly effective websites and launching ads to help them grow their businesses.



Our team of digital marketing experts had the challenge of launching highly targeted and optimized Google Ads campaigns for each client to help them reach their target audience and generate leads. The estimated average cost per conversion from search campaigns for IV Hydration terms was $150.



We conducted extensive keyword research to identify the most effective keywords and phrases to target in each client’s campaigns. We then created highly relevant ad copy and landing pages that improved click-through rates and conversion rates. But we didn’t stop there! We used our love for testing and experimentation to test different bidding strategies, ad scheduling, and ad formats to optimize the campaigns for maximum performance.



Our Google Ads campaigns delivered impressive results for our new IV hydration clients! Here are some of the key results achieved by each client:

*The first IV Clinic located in California saw a conversion rate of 6.07%, generating 26 conversions at a cost per conversion of $32.74 and an average CPC of $1.99.

*The second IV Lounge from Michigan faced fierce competition, resulting in an average CPC of $3.90, but we still achieved a cost per conversion of $106.32 for 7 conversions.

* Mississippi IV Clinic that also offered In-Home Services had an average CPC of $4.15, but with a conversion rate of 7.23%. We generated 35 conversions at a cost per conversion of $57.45.

To put these results into perspective, competition and location can greatly impact CPC. Despite facing fierce competition in Michigan, we were still able to achieve a reasonable cost per conversion for the second client. And while the third client had a higher average CPC, our campaign delivered a great conversion rate, generating a high number of conversions at a reasonable cost per lead.



At Optimized Marketing, we’re dedicated to helping new IV hydration businesses succeed by generating quality leads and boosting conversions. 

Our team achieved high conversion rates and cost per conversions that were below industry averages. The campaigns were optimized using various bidding strategies and ad scheduling. If you’re struggling to attract quality leads and grow your business, we’re here to help. 


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed!

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