Who We Are

Bryan Trilli

Team Leader

“The difference between Bryan and every other marketing agency you’ll talk to is he actually cares.”Jim Frankenfield – our first website client.

Meet Bryan, the ringleader of our circus here at Optimized Marketing. He’s the one responsible for keeping all of us clowns in line and making sure we’re using our big brains for good (but mostly great). When he’s not wrangling the team, he’s a husband, coach to a horde of little athletes, and a jack-of-all-trades entrepreneur. Basically, he’s a superman in disguise.

Greg Trilli

Chief Technology Officer

“Greg is the future of technology.”

Meet Greg, the tech wizard who keeps Optimized Marketing’s technology running like a well-oiled machine. Not only does he boss the tech team around (in a way that makes everyone love him), but he also makes sure everything is aligned with the company’s goals and objectives. When he’s not working he’s a tech-savvy, philosophy reading, theologian who loves to stay active. Whether it’s playing basketball, running, snowboarding or traveling the world, he’s always on the move. So if you need some tech advice or just want to talk about the meaning of life, Greg’s your guy.

J. Chuck Mailen

Software Developer

“He’s a one man A-Team with a keyboard”

Chuck is our very own “code monkey” (his words, not ours) and has been building the internet since before the web even existed and has built more websites and tools than he can remember.

When he isn’t hammering out effective websites and automation, he avidly enjoys the outdoors and says he’d sleep outside under the stars if his wife would let him.

Chrissy Fike


“It’s impressive how Chrissy could handle all these high priority items in the past several months!”

Chrissy’s job is to help with all the behind the scenes tasks, such as creating and copying website pages, setting up the processes and completing the tasks that provide the data needed for marketers and clients.

Chrissy enjoys reading, playing music, traveling, being outside when the weather’s nice, and her family.

Anastasia Fediaeva

Chief Operations and Happiness Officer

“It’s amazing to see how much Ana cares about our customers and the team while prioritizing clear communication and results.”

Meet Ana, the mastermind behind the happy, efficient, and productive Optimized Marketing team. She’s the one who makes sure we can dedicate enough time and energy to our clients, and that we live up to the OM values and standards. 

But Ana is more than just our high-flying COO; when she’s not working she’s a globe-trotter, a soccer player in Argentina, a bachata dancer in Colombia, a psychology student in Mexico and a social influencer coach in Spain. If you need anything related to systems and processes, Ana is your go-to person, and if you’re lucky she might teach you a few dance moves too.


Eric Pereira


“We love Eric’s transparency in sharing results and the quick turnaround time when adjustments to strategy need to be made.”  Leah, Halls Water

Meet Eric, the marketing wizard who helps clients beat their goals with his magical strategies. 

Born and raised in Brazil, Eric is fluent in 3 different languages (English, Portuguese, and Spanish) and he’s always looking for his next adventure, whether it’s traveling to new places or trying new foods. With Eric on your team, you’ll not only reach your goals but you’ll also have a great time doing it. He’s the whole package!


Dasha Kochetova

Project Manager/Ads Expert

“Dasha makes my life as an optimizer much easier by creating easy-to-implement 80/20 suggestions for account experiments.”

Dasha, our resident Ad Expert, is the queen of organization, making sure all our projects run like clockwork and our clients are always one step ahead of the competition. She’s a whiz with Google and Bing Ads, always finding the best bang for our client’s buck. When she’s not concoting new ad strategies or optimizing ads, you can find her salsa dancing her way through Latin America, brushing up on her Spanish and living her best life.


Rob Barratt


“The human ChatGPT”

Meet Rob, our resident wordsmith and PR guru. He’s a master at crafting compelling copy that’ll have you reaching for your wallet before you know it. But don’t let his smooth talking fool you, he’s not just all talk – he’s also walked the walk, having owned and sold a successful business in the past. He’s also a bit of a globe-trotter, having lived in multiple countries in Asia, and now calls beautiful Barcelona, Spain his home. 

When he’s not busy writing, you can find him cheering on his favorite soccer team or hanging out with his partner and their furry little family – a cat and a dog.


Jelena Janić

WordPress Developer

“It almost seems like her tech power is to have ALL THE POWERS!”

Jelena is a tech whiz and website wizard at Optimized Marketing. She’s constantly tinkering and testing to make sure our clients’ online presence is top-notch. Rumor has it that she also studied law at college and can write contracts, almost as well as she writes code.

Outside of work, you’re most likely to find Jelena binging the latest Netflix series, flexing her brain muscles with crosswords, or taking romantic strolls with her significant other.


Ronald Abraham


“Basketballs and Bounce Rates: Ron Dunks Digital Dilemmas with Ease!”

Meet Ron, our Digital Marketing maestro. He’s an expert at analyzing data, crafting creative solutions to problems. He is extremely sharp and attentive to his clients’ needs. He understands the bigger picture and offered value by optimizing tech stacks and spearheading growth strategies for clients.

When he’s not uplifting the team and working on client accounts, you can find Ron traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, DJ-ing, meeting people and probably on a basketball court competing.


Sandi Bardwell

Marketing Support

“Sandi is our ‘help anywhere’ team member who loves to learn and take on new challenges that will help her teammates and clients.” 

Sandi is a big part of the glue that holds our team together, keeping us on track and making sure our clients’ metrics are always in check. But when she’s not crunching numbers, she’s a doting grandma and a proud pastor’s wife, basking in the love of her family and supporting her husband in their ministry endeavors. Because let’s be real, keeping track of metrics is important, but family and faith come first.

Tiffini Bowker


“As a business owner or manager, you know that some of the most important work happens behind the scenes, under the green brim and dull light of the bean counter. Tiffini is awesome” 

Tiffini is the go-to person when it comes to anything numbers-related at Optimized Marketing. She’s a whiz with figures and always makes sure we’re on top of our game. When she’s not crunching numbers, she’s probably belting out her favorite songs, spreading the love at church, camping by the lake, cuddling with her furry friends, or showering her kids with affection. A true multitasker!

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