How we help businesses that already have a website

Does any of this sound familiar?

3 months ago you invested in a brand new website but you’re still not getting great performance.

…Or the leads you are getting are low-quality.

…Or your conversion rate just keeps hovering around or below 3%.

…Or your web designer has never even told you your conversion rate.

…Or your web designer is waiting for you to tell him what to do next.

Well since we believe, “Great websites aren’t built, they’re tested.” We can usually still help.

Here’s how we can help you.

Instead of building you a new website, we’ll start with what you currently have and unleash our testing & optimization services in your market. If necessary, we can convert your website to a CMS like WordPress to make it simple and efficient to update.

  1. We will get you more traffic –
    • SEO – We review your site and go through our complete SEO checklist to make sure you’re focused in your local market on the most important search terms.
    • SEM – We run Google Ads for you and use that information to improve your SEO. Over time we also use this information to improve the information on your website and even to recommend targeted landing pages that will provide the best ROI.
    • Online Yellow Pages Optimization – With over 40 major online yellow pages, mobile apps, and directory listings out there we update them all with your correct contact information, videos, images, offers, and provide backlinks to your website.
  2. We will improve your conversion – What good is a lot of visitors to your site if they don’t convert to leads?
    • Once we take over your existing site, we immediately start tracking everything we can and then use that information to better respond to your visitors’ needs.
    • How much time are they spending on site? Which pages are most popular? Which pages lead to the most conversions? What buttons and videos do people click? And we’re just getting warmed up.
    • We literally break down visitor interaction into a step-by-step process and then individually optimize each step in the process.
  3. We will let you know what works so you can incorporate it into your offline marketing. Every month you’ll get an email summary of our performance results with some recommendations on what to include and remove from your offline marketing. Chances are if it works well online, it’ll work just as well offline.

Low Up-Front Website Design

To take over your existing site and implement our tracking tools is between $1500 and $5000, with the average price coming in at around $2000.

Monthly Optimization Services

Depending on your need for PPC, online surveys, internet yellow page optimization, Google+ Optimization, SEO, email marketing, and the level of traffic to your site, our monthly services range from $1500/month to $5000/month.

However before we can get started, we perform a complete online marketing analysis including your current website, SEM, SEO, and even online directories to give you an honest assessment of how much improvement we can truly expect.

Sometimes that means we tell you we don’t feel we can massively improve your online presence. It happens and we’ll give you an honest assessment.

So why take the time to go through our process?

After about 7 months, one of our clients in North Carolina had these results:

  1. Onsite web conversion of in-state visitors was over 9%! (we don’t care about visitors in California if your business is in New York).
  2. Phone call conversion of in-state visitors of over 21%
  3. Overall conversion rate of over 30%!
  4. Cost/Contact – less than $10

Honestly those results are not typical but they are possible!

So what are you waiting for?

Contact us today to start your Online Marketing Analysis.

To your online marketing success, Bryan