Why some businesses succeed and others just “hang in” there

On a balmy summer day, five years ago, two men excitedly stepped into the position of Owner/General Manager of their own Culligan Dealerships.

These two men were very similar. Both their fathers had took on the same role from their fathers, both were college educated and had been involved in the family business since they were old enough to say, seal pack.

They both had hopes and aspirations of doing an even better job than their fathers – as sons often do – and had every intention of growing the dealerships to the best they’d ever been.

5 Years later these two met up at an annual convention.

But now there was one major difference.

One was struggling to make the phone ring, clamoring to put out fire after fire with service technicians, billing issues, inventory management and marketing. The other had seen explosive growth in his dealership, using his time to hone, automate and leverage each area of his organization.

So what made the difference?

What is this defining factor that influences some people to to succeed with their aspirations and others to struggle just to keep the status quo?

It isn’t a matter of how hard you work, or how smart you are, or how much innate talent you possess at business.

The difference lies in how much relevant information you have and how you act on on that information.

That is why Optimized Marketing was born and that is why I’m writing you.

One of the primary missions of Optimized Marketing is to provide you with relevant information about your hyper-local marketing so you can make informed, calculated decisions on how to invest your time and money to grow your business.

You see, Optimized Marketing isn’t just an online marketing company.

I’m sure you can agree there’s plenty of those around. And I’m sure you can also agree they all seem to be doing the same thing.

Optimized Marketing is the ONLY company in North America who offers fortune 500 level of testing sophistication to small and medium businesses so you can learn an incredible amount about your hyper-local market and use that information to invest in marketing that WORKS.

You’ll have the power of this information at your fingertips which makes managing your marketing budget a cinch.

So you’ll have more time to work ON your business and not FOR your business.

A few minutes ago I completed the monthly online analysis for one of our customers which included:

  • Adjusting bids on over 100 different keywords and wrote 15 new Adwords ads based on key metrics
  • Updating a landing page based on the final results of an A/B split test that reached statistical significance
  • Creating a new exit poll to find out why visitors are leaving the site without converting
  • Comparing branded keyword searches online to the ad schedule of their latest radio broadcast to help gauge its effectiveness
  • Creating stories from this data to help my client understand what his target market is thinking and how they want to be “sold” so they can use that psychology in other marketing

And yes, I do this every single month. It’s part of our promises to you.

And that’s not even the best part.

The best part is all this hard work is boiled down to 3, simple metrics every month so you can make informed decisions on your marketing in less than 5 minutes.

Understanding and applying the right information is power.

Now just automating your marketing with us isn’t going to turn your office into the Federal Reserve. However, what we’ve noticed is once our customers start seeing what a huge difference this type of information makes in their marketing, they want to apply the same level analysis, automation and ROI-focus to the rest of their business.

One of the most surprising and lucrative aspects that’s revealed to them is finally understanding where their marketing funnel is hemorrhaging dollars and using what they’ve learned from us to stop the financial leak.

If you’re on the fence about learning how Optimized Marketing can help you leverage your marketing so you have more time for the parts of your business you truly enjoy, fill out the form in the right.

I’ll put together a free video which goes through your website and gives you actionable ideas you can implement today to increase web leads even if you choose to never do business with us, though, of course, we hope you do.

All the best,


P.S. Not everyone is a good fit for Optimized Marketing. We operate on the principles of scientific marketing which sets aside all bias and assumptions. So, if you’re not willing to do what works in your market based on the results from testing, we’re probably not a good fit for you.



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