Hold Optimized Marketing accountable in 5 minutes/month

When I was the Team Leader of my Culligan dealership, each quarter I’d receive marketing reports from my ad agency.

Marketing was always one of my favorite things to do so as soon as the email came into my Gmail inbox, I’d “star” it so I could set aside half an hour to look at it later.

I couldn’t read it right away because I had to get technicians out-the-door, talk to customers, oversee payroll, pay the bills, review sales, and hire (or fire) team members.

Sure enough my “starred” email would slide down the list as more recent “starred” emails came in until somehow the next quarter would arrive and I’d receive the next marketing email without ever reading the previous.

I love marketing, knew it was extremely important and, without my input, was afraid our marketing dollars were not being invested as well as they could be.

Over the years, a lot of business owners assured me that my situation wasn’t unique.

So how can a marketing company help you if you don’t have the time to help yourself?

A similar question came up when a prospect asked how he knew we wouldn’t be a marketing company who is, “working hard to get an account and then tapering off once you have them.”

Recently I spent a few hours reviewing in detail an account with one of my internet marketing scientists.

We dug into just about everything.
Adwords, SEO, G+ optimization, call-tracking, directory listings, click-tracking, visitor-flow analysis, mobile visitors versus desktop, split-tests and conversion rate optimization…

Heck, we even looked at which cities in his metropolitan area were converting well and which weren’t and adjusted our strategy accordingly.

There’s nothing special about us doing that. We do it to varying degrees for all of our clients each and every month.

But what’s remarkable is how we chose to spend extra time on that specific client…

You see…

  • That client had been with us more than 7 months.
  • The client was extremely happy with our results and had recommended us to at least 3 other businesses (who all signed up for our services).
  • The client’s performance had been continuously improving until that point.
  • The results we were delivering were still better than they’d seen before.

So why did we spend several extra hours with 2 people on my team digging into an account that was exceeding our client’s expectations?

Because they weren’t doing as well as they could be.
That’s it.

And even though our client didn’t realize we could be doing better… We did.

You can kick back like a kangaroo when you know your marketing is being tested, measured and improved each month.


The client had no idea we did that.
We didn’t ask permission.
We didn’t get approval.
We didn’t wait for a committee to convene to tell us it was OK to update their website.
We just did it.

That’s how we operate and we’ll treat you in the exact same way.

To get a deeper peek into the systems we created to help business owners, like me, who are too busy to manage all of their marketing, here’s what we did:

  1. We crafted a Promise that we will optimize your web presence each and every month. It’s scheduled and reviewed by at least 3 people on our team.
  2. We created a simple email for you to hold us accountable each month in only 5 minutes with core metrics that you need to monitor. If you don’t have your Total Contacts, Investment/Contact and Conversion Rate, you won’t receive an invoice.
  3. We developed a system for exactly what needs to be reviewed monthly called our Visitor Flow Analysis. This proprietary series of algorithms includes:
    1. Software to pick out the 20% of keywords that generates 80% of the results. We wrote this software so we’re the only company in the world using it.
    2. Several heuristics for optimizing landing pages which can results in as much as doubling year-over-year total contacts while decreasing your investment/contact.
    3. Our unique methodology for selecting which pages will provide the highest returns from our optimization efforts.
    4. Surveys, screen recordings, click-tracking, scroll-maps and any other tools we can cost-effectively employ to give us greater insight into your website visitors.
  4. We integrated a warning system that tells us in big, bright, RED letters if any of your core metrics have dropped significantly.

In other words, before we ever email you your monthly performance numbers, we will know about any decrease in performance, have researched potential causes for it, and will share with you what we’re doing to get you back on track.

Without you having to double-check everything we do, I promise you in 5 minutes/month you’ll have the transparent information you need to hold us accountable and, because of that, we’ll always be working on improving your results.

To maximum results in minimal time,