Who We Are

Hi, We are Optimized Marketing and here’s a little information on our team and our business:

Bryan is the Founder and Team Leader of Optimized Marketing.
Little did he know it, but the seeds for Optimized Marketing were sown when he took on digital marketing activities of his Culligan dealership in the 4 Corners area of New Mexico in 2008.

Bryan has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University where he was taught to design systems and processes that help FIND and then SOLVE problems, which is a perfect fit for the data-intensive world of digital marketing.

Once he sold his Culligan dealership, a few colleagues asked him to help with their digital marketing as they didn’t feel agencies built on legacy media understood the vast differences of the digital marketing landscape.

Prior to running his Culligan dealership, Bryan worked for KDS Moses traveling across North America helping businesses set up software and reports to get actionable data on hidden opportunities within their businesses.

Because he’s also written checks to marketing agencies, he understands that top priority is creating marketing strategies that generate leads not win awards.

One of his favorite sayings is, “There is no such thing as an expert marketer. Just experienced marketers and expert testers,” which perfectly highlights Optimized Marketing’s passion for testing to validate even the best marketing ideas.

For decades he’s been passionate about business, marketing, psychology and building strong relationships (which is why Conversion Rate Optimization is particularly fun for him) and has read over 100 books on those topics as well as attended numerous seminars, webinars and trainings. A few of his certifications are below.

If you’re ever in need of a non-fiction book recommendation, let him know.

Bryan lives in Rostraver, PA with his wife and 3 children.
testing certifiedMeclabs_Value-Prop-seal_2015OctLPO_Certification


The Optimized Marketing mission immediately resonated with business owners and so we began to grow quickly. With the need for more help to handle the demand, I hired Greg Trilli, as our Chief Technology Officer.

Greg attained a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington.  While in college, he worked at Pointwise Inc. in Ft Worth, TX. They developed a grid generation program which is used to help engineers solve fluid dynamics problems. While he worked with them he used technology to come up with scenarios and techniques to test new features and make sure previous features continued to work as they developed their new Grid Generation Program

After college, Greg worked at Development Dimensions International in Pittsburgh Pa. They are an HR company that uses technology to improve many different processes surrounding HR including hiring, promoting and developing employees for their clients. During his time there, he learned and used software to improve the manual and automated testing tasks related to their hiring and promoting website.

Since joining Optimized Marketing Greg has continually improved our systems to help deliver fortune 500 level solutions at a fraction of the cost.  He has also completed multiple machine learning courses, which allows him use the newest technology to deliver the best results to clients.  When Greg is not writing code and improving solutions for clients, he enjoys staying on top of the newest technologies, and being active by playing basketball, running, going snowboarding and traveling.


Conversion Rate Optimization is more science than art, and that’s why we have Marque Denysschen.  Marque is a scientist by education which may sound a bit out of place but is exactly what we needed.  One of the most important aspects of us being able to constantly increase your leads and decrease costs is testing!

Marque brings a unique and important perspective to Optimized Marketing with his degree in Microbiology from UT-Arlington. After all, the scientific method is just as applicable in the microbiology lab as it is in our online testing lab.

Marque worked at Allergan Pharmaceuticals from 2009 through 2011, and most recently worked for Sovereign Pharmaceuticals. We like to tease him about how he can contain himself on the Optimized Marketing team compared with the excitement of growing bacteria all day long.

Outside of mad-scientisting, Marque enjoys the newest and latest gadgets. (Have you noticed our propensity for attracting geeks?)  He plays video games and is a competitive bowler in a couple of bowling leagues.  He also likes running and training his dogs.


20151107_201027Chika Amechi joined the Optimized Marketing team in March of 2013. A mind rich in both creativity and technology, Chika became an immediate blessing to the team.

Born in Nigeria and moving to the United States when he was young, Chika brought with him a rich heritage and his native language, Igbo. Chika’s creative expertise in search engine optimization & web technology spawns from years of experience working for Old Pro Roofing as their SEO expert, and XamNET LLC as a Web Developer.

Chika’s role with Optimized Marketing spans all departments and all digital marketing disciplines including SEO, PPC & Social Media Marketing.

Chika enjoys talking about anything sports related, as long as you don’t mess with Texas. And you don’t want to mess with him as he’s got a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, his 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo and has extensive training in MMA. Other than talking sports and taking names with SEO, he loves spending time with his wife and new born daughter.


tiffntrip (2)As a business owner or manager, you know that some of the most important work happens behind the scenes, under the green brim and dull light of the bean counter. Tiffini Bowker keeps Optimized Marketing running in tip-top shape as she works her accounting magic.

Tiffini went to school in Pennsylvania at McCann School of Business and Technology and majored with honors in Marketing and Management. She’s worked as a lab tech in a yarn factory, pretty much any job you can think of at a bank (including teller, assistant manager, CSR, and assistant to the financial advisor), and of course, the Office Manager at Westwood Culligan where she met Bryan Trilli. She left Westwood to take on the highest calling: being a stay-at-home mama.

Bryan was so impressed with her attention to detail and work ethic from her days at Culligan, he begged Tiffini to take over the monthly billing for Optimized Marketing. Luckily for us, she agreed, and her role began to expand. Tiffini now helps in multiple facets of the business with anything numbers-related.

Tiffini resides in Bloomfield, New Mexico and enjoys singing, going to the lake, being involved in her church, and of course kissing on her baby boy.

Neil is on the right enjoying some fresh mountain air.

Neil is the hiker on the right.

Neil Flinchbaugh joined the team in 2014 as an Internet Marketing Scientist. He graduated in 2005 from Northwestern University and has worked in digital marketing for a range of companies, including acting as Senior Copywriter for Sears.com and a Web Optimization Manager for Channel Clarity.

Never being that interested in stamps, Neil prefers to collect certifications. His collection so far includes:

He lives in Round Rock, Texas with his wife and two lazy cats.


IMG_3637 (2)Sandi Bardwell is a retired community bank CFO with 28 years of banking experience. She has been married 37 years to her high school sweetheart. They have 2 grown children, Tiffini and Drake, and 2 beautiful grandchildren, Trip and Teagan. Her children and grandchildren are the light of her life. She also supports her husband in their ministry as the Lead Pastors of Farmington First Assembly of God in Farmington, NM.

Sandi was recruited to Optimized Marketing by her daughter, Tiffini. Sandi was only suppose to fill in for her while Tiffini was on maternity leave, but the job progressed and today Sandi plays a vital role on the team helping keep track of important metrics for our clients each month. Sandi says she loves her job, and in all her working career this has been the best working environment she’s ever had.

Awwww, we love you too, Sandi!


j chuck mailenJ. Chuck Mailen – AKA Code Monkey

Chuck grew up just outside of Peculiar, Missouri, right in the middle of farm country. It’s amazing how many small town kids have made it on our geeky team.

He’s been a technology geek since he was a kid and was dialing into Bulletin Boards long before the web popped up.

Chuck started doing web development back in ’94 and remembers when Yahoo was just a list of cool sites a couple guys had put up.

In the last 20+ years he’s built more sites than he can count and had the privilege of working with some truly brilliant minds.

Chuck is a great fit with our team as he has an insatiable curiosity and a head strong determination to learn and apply everything possible.

When the Code Monkey isn’t hammering out effective websites and automations, he avidly enjoys the outdoors and says he’d sleep outside under the stars if his wife would let him.

Regardless of Chuck’s geekiness and love of nature, he understands that just about anyone can “build a website” and that few companies understand that’s a small piece of a very large puzzle. He enjoys working with Optimized Marketing as the team understands a successful digital presence should be measured by it’s ROI. “It’s not about how many people come to your website, it’s about generating business and connecting with consumers. It’s about maximizing each step of the process to create a positive measurable impact for our clients.”

Amen, Chuck. Amen.


Chrissy Fike joined Optimized Marketing in February of 2018. Her job is to help with all the behind the scenes tasks, such as creating and copying website pages, setting up the processes and completing the tasks that provide the data needed for marketers and clients.

Chrissy has her Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and previously taught all kinds of music classes, including Music Technology at Missouri Western State University. She started getting into technology with the debut of MIDI back in the day, and then on to HTML, ASP, PHP, and now WordPress. Chrissy loves to learn, whether it’s a new software program, Photoshop, CSS, or a new song.

She lives in St. Joseph, MO with her husband and 11-year-old son. They have 7 children (his, hers, & ours) and 4 grandchildren. Chrissy is always up for a road trip, or any kind of travel!


Anastasia Fediaeva

Anastasia Fediaeva joined the OM team in March 2020. She helps our optimizers with some routine tasks so that they can dedicate enough time and energy to our dear clients.

Anastasia attained a BS in International Economic Relations from Moscow State University of International Relations and MS in Market research and Consumer Behavior from IE Business School, Spain. By now she has also got several Google certifications and is in the process of getting certified by Facebook as a Marketing Science Professional.

Ana worked in Spain as a Market Researcher in Telefonica, the most important telecom company in Spain, digging into the behavioral patterns of the telecom users worldwide; afterwards she moved to Mexico and worked as a Data Analyst in TBWA, one of the top advertising agencies in Mexico, analysing the impact of the paid and organic presence of the brands on Social Networks;

Now, apart from Social Media management and Spanish translations for OM clients, Ana enjoys working on a platform for Business Women in Mexico and learning how to make websites, optimize landing pages, attract and convert more and more users through a variety of digital channels.
Apart from that, she loves Mexican food, Spanish movies and the Caribbean sea.


Holly Johnson

Holly is our newest team member, and she resides in the Midwest with her son and their pup. She joined the team in April of 2020 as an Optimizer. Before stepping into the marketing realm Holly worked as a recruiter. In 2015 she went back to school, she now holds an AS degree in Web Development as well as certificates in Web Design, and Digital Marketing. Her first role in the marketing industry was creating email campaigns & coding website redesigns for big names like John Deere & Volvo.

Although she started in web development, she felt a need to expand into a role that would appease her need for both the right brain (creativity) & left brain (analytical) activity. She has become an asset to our team with her awesome graphic design and email experience. Her primary role is still lead generation and getting a great ROI for her clients.

This is why being an Optimizer is so much fun for her as it allows her to hone her many skills in PPC, SEO, Web Design, social, and email marketing.

When she isn’t slicing and dicing data, she enjoys traveling and has visited 15+ countries. She also appreciates art, hiking, and has a passion for learning.


dustin in san diego Dustin Davidson

Dustin Davidson joined Optimized marketing in 2018. He helps with behind the scene task for the optimizers and tech team so they focus more on clients.

He had an interest in art originally but remembered his interest in computers which lead him to school for Computer Information Systems at the University of Maine after trying two semesters at the Maine College of Art. Still interested in art, he likes anything design related in computers, like web design.

At an early age Dustin was fascinated by computers and video games. He always tried to open them up to see how they worked. He remembers opening up his grandfather’s computer, taking it apart, and putting it back together. It unfortunately never worked the same again. Nowadays he can safely fix or build desktop computers, laptops, and phones.

Dustin worked for the State of Maine in Workforce Development for the office of information technology. This included a variety of task like web design and infographics. He helped with TechNight, an event to get highschool kids interested in technology. He also learned a lot about accessibility and section 508.

Today he’s interested in anything web related. WordPress, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and webpage testing. He also enjoys digital audio workstations for music production and digital art. That can be anything from video game art to 3D modeling.

If you’re ready to put our team to work generating leads for your team, fill out the form on the right and we’ll be in touch.