“Field of Dreams” Marketing

One of the most memorable lines in cinematic history comes from Field of Dreams.

A faint whisper tells Ray (played by Kevin Costner)…
“If you build it, they will come…”

The traditional way of developing a marketing strategy:

  • Find an Ad Agency
  • Agency asks you about products you want to sell
  • Agency researches other dealers’ marketing so they don’t have to re-invent the wheel
  • Creative agency designers develop ad ideas & Special Offers.
  • You pick the one you feel “will make them come…”
  • Agency creates print, broadcast, billboards etc..
  • Agency places the ads and you see if you have a winner
  • Repeat every 12 months

Does that process sound familiar? This is called ​the “Field of Dreams” method of advertising.

The Optimized Marketing method:

  • Start with the CONSUMER first.
  • Research the consumers’ concerns that relate to your products and services.
  • Identify your LOCAL conditions that give you an edge (like politics, all advertising is local)
  • Use this edge to hone your Value Proposition.
  • Based thousands of experiments in your industry, launch local tests to find out which words, phrases, images and ideas get the most traction.
  • Fine tune your content to best HELP your consumers.
  • NOW, with your Ad agency co-create the most compelling campaign you have ever delivered.
  • Keep testing, testing, testing to fine tune your marketing message.
  • Optimize monthly

This is Optimized Marketing’s Reverse Engineered Marketing Strategy (REMS).

Start with your customer first and work backwards to the agency.

We created this method for you because my team knows what it’s like to manage a marketing budget for a franchise in a system designed for the traditional Ad Agency approach.

All 3 of our Optimizers have been General Managers for franchises where they had to manage marketing budgets.

Amanda and I have both run Culligan dealerships and Neil has created several hundred winning marketing experiments for Culligan dealer websites.

We are the ones who start with your consumers and thousands of experimental results, and then reverse engineer a system that works in your hyper-local market.

Do you think you could get a better result with your marketing by Optimizing it?

In the next post, I’ll share a bit more detail on what “consumer-first” marketing strategy looks like.

To better marketing strategy,

P.S. When your mind is wandering after your next workout or while driving home, let the ideas of the 2 contrasting approaches to marketing strategy sink in a bit. You may just find a bit of inspiration.


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