Are you ready for MobileGeddon?

In just a few days—April 21, 2015—Google is poised to unveil one of the biggest changes to their search engine rankings ever. Web marketing geeks around the world are calling it “MobileGeddon”… Companies around the world are scrambling to meet this deadline so they can avoid a harsh Google penalty that could cost them thousands […]

Increase Employee Productivity in 15 Min/Month with 100% Buy-In

You know the feeling, it feels like Christmas. You’ve spent hours trying to find the perfect gift for your son. You’ve braved the toy aisle at Walmart, battled the holiday-crazed parents at Target, and you’ve found that perfect toy. Then the day arrives and he tears the wrapping paper open and sees the box. His […] founder featured in the Valley Independent newspaper

I grew up in Charleroi, PA about 45 minutes south of Pittsburgh. Based on an interview with Ron Paglia, the Valley Independent ran an article about my entrepreneurial adventures, starting an internet business, and being nominated for several national business awards since moving out of southwestern PA in 2008. You can read the full article […]

Business Excellence Award Finalist

The Optimized-Marketing Team has recently been nominated for 3 separate 2013 Business Excellence Awards including: Fastest-Growing Company (less than 10 employees) Most Innovative Company Best Start-up Only 6 out of over 400 participating businesses were nominated for 3 separate awards. We are quite honored and grateful to be nominated for these prestigious national awards! Read […]

Why Did You Start Your Business? – recently asked me why I started my business… It’s an amazing feeling when you’re excited about what you do and the team you work with every day! For more on the story of why I stated, check out the blog: To your entrepreneurial success, Bryan

The Vendor Dance – Article in The Ride

Recently, interviewed me for some insights on dealing with vendors. Our #1 vendor is Google and keeping up with their 1-2 updates per DAY and ability to shut off our Adwords account at any moment if we don’t play by their rules is quite the fun challenge. Read the full article here: To your […]

Marketing Myth Shakedown in Water Quality Products

My recent article about some of the top Internet Marketing Myths people ask us about every day was recently published in the December 2012 issue of Water Quality Products magazine. You can also read the article on their website at: To dispelling myths, Bryan