How Culligan Dealers Can Successfully Sell Water Treatment Systems on Facebook

At Optimized Marketing, we get this question a lot from Culligan dealers: I’m hearing a lot about Facebook marketing. Should I be on Facebook? Does it work for water treatment? Well, let me start with a quick spoiler. Facebook definitely CAN work for Culligan dealers, if you do it the right way. We have a […]

Gaining Charity Backlinks

One quick and easy way to help boost your organic rankings for high-value keywords today! Are you interested in helping your website rank for your most important keywords? One way to turn your website into a Search Engine juggernaut is to build a backlink from all of the companies you partner with and charities to […]

Why SSL is important for small business websites and lead generation

Have you ever noticed some website addresses start with “http://” while others start with “https://”? What does that extra “s” mean and why is it so important? To put it simply, that “s” means your connection with that website is secure and encrypted. In other words, any data you enter is safely shared with that […]