Gaining Charity Backlinks

One quick and easy way to help boost your organic rankings for high-value keywords today!

Are you interested in helping your website rank for your most important keywords?

One way to turn your website into a Search Engine juggernaut is to build a backlink from all of the companies you partner with and charities to whom you routinely donate. Simply asking your local baseball team that you support to throw a link on their website back to your website could help drive you more traffic and lead to you gaining more sales.

How is this exactly?

Every link that points to your site that google finds is like a vote in your very own popularity contest. Google drives up your “Authority” and your “Trust” as a website if it sees that other sites trust you and like you enough to vote (link) to you. This popularity will help Google see you as a legitimate business doing good work in the area and will help give you a boost in your overall website rankings. The more of these sites that link back to you the better, just make sure they link back to your homepage.

This is the most ethical way of boosting your organic rankings.

A common fear when trying to rank better is getting penalized by Google for trying to game the system. Luckily for you, the great news is that Google does not penalize you for having your brand all over the internet. Google understands that just as in offline marketing you have to spread your name as far and wide as possible. As long as you are genuinely reaching out and building connections with the companies linking back to you, and they link back to your homepage, you need not worry about triggering a penalty.

If you have any questions about what site would be a good choice to get a link from or any questions in general about your SEO please don’t hesitate to contact your optimizer here at Optimized Marketing.



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