Business Excellence Award Finalist

The Optimized-Marketing Team has recently been nominated for 3 separate 2013 Business Excellence Awards including: Fastest-Growing Company (less than 10 employees) Most Innovative Company Best Start-up Only 6 out of over 400 participating businesses were nominated for 3 separate awards. We are quite honored and grateful to be nominated for these prestigious national awards! Read […]

Why Did You Start Your Business? – recently asked me why I started my business… It’s an amazing feeling when you’re excited about what you do and the team you work with every day! For more on the story of why I stated, check out the blog: To your entrepreneurial success, Bryan

The Vendor Dance – Article in The Ride

Recently, interviewed me for some insights on dealing with vendors. Our #1 vendor is Google and keeping up with their 1-2 updates per DAY and ability to shut off our Adwords account at any moment if we don’t play by their rules is quite the fun challenge. Read the full article here: To your […]

Marketing Myth Shakedown in Water Quality Products

My recent article about some of the top Internet Marketing Myths people ask us about every day was recently published in the December 2012 issue of Water Quality Products magazine. You can also read the article on their website at: To dispelling myths, Bryan

My business didn’t use the 60-Minute Annual Marketing RoadMap…

But man do I wish I had. Heck, I wish I had any kind of plan or RoadMap for marketing at my dealerships. It’s not my fault though. I was the Team Leader, Service Leader, Sales Leader, Marketing Leader, Accounting Leader and now and again lead forklift operator. When the salt truck needed unloaded it […]

Great Websites aren’t Built, They’re Tested

What is the most trusted brand in the United States? If you guessed Coca-Cola or Nike or Procter & Gamble or Apple, you’d be close. However, according to, the most trusted brand in the US is A company that is less than 2 decades old (it first hit the Internet in July 1995) […]

How we help businesses that already have a website

Does any of this sound familiar? 3 months ago you invested in a brand new website but you’re still not getting great performance. …Or the leads you are getting are low-quality. …Or your conversion rate just keeps hovering around or below 3%. …Or your web designer has never even told you your conversion rate. …Or […]

Top 19 Myths of Internet Marketing for Small Business

Whether it’s SEM, SEO, or website design, there are a lot of Myths out there that just don’t hold up to testing so let’s tackle the top 19 right now. Keep in mind these myths are for service-based small businesses with the primary goal of generating leads. For e-commerce, current customer portals, forums, blogs and […]

Is your Marketing cutting through the traffic by riding the White-Line?

There are a few universal truths of human behavior… One of these is our utter disdain for getting stuck in traffic. Is there anything more consistently frustrating? In 2010 I embarked upon the motorcycle trip that all motorcyclists fantasize about; tight curves, breath-taking vistas, minimal traffic, and slower drivers actually pull over to let you […]

CDANA 2012 – 60 Minute Annual Marketing RoadMap

At the CDANA 2012 Convention in Kansas City, KS, I will be giving a 20-minute presentation on a simple Annual Marketing RoadMap that  will take you just 1-hour to prepare. Here’s the summary… If you look at the average small business, the portion of their budget that is scrutinized the LEAST is marketing. Why? Because […]