What Should You Expect from a Web Company?

Have you ever worked with a bad web marketing company?

(These are the web companies that don’t want you to be able to hold them accountable for results because they don’t know what works, what doesn’t, and why.)

Sadly, there are a lot of them out there.

Bad web companies like to keep you in the dark. They want you to believe that what they do is very technical and hard to understand, because if you believe that, then you won’t ask too many questions.

That’s a good thing (for them), because if you did start asking questions you might begin to realize that while your web company has the technical ability to put up a good-looking website…they don’t have the scientific marketing expertise needed to make it perform at a high level.

(Those are two VERY different things.)

If you haven’t heard the story, Bryan, our founder, recalls the day he was sitting at his desk in Farmington, NM after hanging up with his ad agency frustrated once again that they couldn’t give him any true insight on what marketing works.

Perhaps you can relate?

As Optimized Marketing expanded, we’ve actively recruited general managers, former business owners, scientists, engineers, and marketers who were equally frustrated that they could never find a company to help them answer the seemingly impossible question, “What marketing works?”

This is why we’ve worked hard to create our company in a way that forces us to deliver what most bad web marketing companies can’t: results that are proven, tested, and transparent.

To accomplish that lofty goal, here are our promises to you:

  • Clear, Transparent Metrics – You will know your Total Contacts, Investment/Contact and Conversion Rate every month or you won’t receive an invoice from us. This enables you to hold us accountable and forces us to figure out exactly why a metric is getting better or worse.
  • Scheduled, Committed Time to Work for You – This is huge. Each month we believe we have to earn our fees. No breaks. No time off. The web is constantly changing so you can rest assured that one of our Internet Market Scientists is working each month to make sure your web presence is changing with it.
  • Using a Standardized Process – The only way to ensure consistent quality is with structured systems and processes. These include our proprietary tools for evaluating your Adwords account, assigning value to the top pages on your website, checking your search engine rankings each month and even monitoring your online reviews.
  • Holding Ourselves to Scientific Standards – The scientific process can be applied to marketing and, regardless of whether or not an experiment improves your online contacts, we still gain keen insights to refine our hypotheses for your local market.
  • Low Up-Front Costs – If the best way to improve your marketing is through scientific testing, then it’s hard to fathom spending $10k, $20k or more on an untested website that’s just guess at what will convert your visitors. So we don’t do that. Our sites range from $1500-$3500 up-front and that usually doesn’t even cover our costs. If we don’t deliver results we lose money so you can be assured we’re in this together.
  • Quickly Implementing New Tools – Online marketing is a rapidly evolving industry. Every other week it seems like someone is developing a new tool, strategy, or innovation that has the potential to revolutionize the way you find new customers online. At Optimized Marketing, we make a point to stay on the cutting edge of all this new stuff. We’re almost always one of the first companies to adopt new tools; and if they appear promising, we’ll implement them on your site.
  • Continual OptimizationNobody’s website is “good enough.” Even if we are able to improve your website’s conversion rate from 8% to 20% (which we’ve done), we still aren’t satisfied. We promise to continue testing your website to improve it, month after month, forever.
  • Listening to Your Ideas & Feedback – Have an idea or suggestion for your website? We promise to listen to your ideas and test them, so we can find out if your idea improves your site’s performance. Even though we have years of experience in web marketing, we realize that you’re the expert on your local customers, market, and business. So if you think your site can be improved, by all means–let us know!
  • Learning about Your Local Market – When you become one of our clients, we learn a lot about your local market. Through split-tests on your website, measuring the impact of your search & display marketing, and collecting survey & poll information from the visitors to your website, we learn a great deal about who your visitors are, how much they know about your company, and what they’re ultimately looking for.
  • Applying What We Learn – The more we learn, the better we can optimize your online marketing. We promise to use what we learn about your local market to help improve your other marketing. It’s not uncommon that a winning Adwords text ad can give us an insight that helps us to improve the performance of the landing page, leading to a synergistic increase in your website’s performance.
  • We Won’t Work with Your Competitors With our optimization and testing obsession, we’ll know more about your market, your prospects, and your competitors than any internet marketing company out there. That’s not information you want in the hands of your competition so we promise not to work with more than 5% of your direct competitors within 10-25 miles from your office for as long as we’re on your team.

To sum it up in a sentence: Through scientific testing, we promise to learn what marketing works in your local area and apply what we learn to every step in your online sales funnel.

And along the way, we’ll keep you informed of everything in a clear and transparent way that allows you to hold us accountable for your results.

Other than working for free, is there anything else you’d want from your perfect web company? If not, don’t you think it’s about time to reply to this email and start getting a plan together? Even if your budget doesn’t allow for a new web presence until next year, I can give you a few quick insights on what you can do to start preparing today.

To finding the best web experts for your business!