Use A/B split-testing to increase your leads without increasing your budget

In his book, How to Become a Rainmaker, Jeffrey J. Fox points out a study of salespeople who make more than a quarter million dollars per year in commissions. The study found that highly successful salespeople have an interesting common characteristic. They tend to implement new ideas very quickly. If they go to a seminar […]

Great Websites aren’t Built, They’re Tested

What is the most trusted brand in the United States? If you guessed Coca-Cola or Nike or Procter & Gamble or Apple, you’d be close. However, according to, the most trusted brand in the US is A company that is less than 2 decades old (it first hit the Internet in July 1995) […]

How we help businesses that already have a website

Does any of this sound familiar? 3 months ago you invested in a brand new website but you’re still not getting great performance. …Or the leads you are getting are low-quality. …Or your conversion rate just keeps hovering around or below 3%. …Or your web designer has never even told you your conversion rate. …Or […]

Top 19 Myths of Internet Marketing for Small Business

Whether it’s SEM, SEO, or website design, there are a lot of Myths out there that just don’t hold up to testing so let’s tackle the top 19 right now. Keep in mind these myths are for service-based small businesses with the primary goal of generating leads. For e-commerce, current customer portals, forums, blogs and […]

Leapfrog is doing the BEST online marketing in the Culligan system

Yes, you read that correctly… They are the best in the system. Well other than what I’ve been doing… For those of you who don’t know me, I have owned a couple of Culligan dealerships and members of my family still do…  Additionally, I have no real incentive to be for or against leapfrog. I’m […]