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So far this year, my team and I have given 3 similar sessions in 2 different states and the Bahama’s to help business leaders better understand how to improve their online marketing.

A small group of around 20 business leaders is ideal as it allows me to share with you some new thoughts and ideas while allowing you too immediately ask questions. Your individual questions of how different aspects of internet marketing apply to your specific business will help you get the most value from our 2 hours.

So be ready to ask lots of questions to take full advantage of my team‘s experience helping businesses get more leads online.

Also, if you are looking for some reading on the plane ride to Florida, save or print a few of our most popular articles to get a solid foundation for what we’ll be discussing.

  1. How to spend your co-op dollars locally while saving on agency fees
  2. How clearly defining your Brand will help your entire team deliver better results.
  3. How to measure broadcast media more scientifically than ever before.
  4. 253% increase in web page contacts with one little test. The power of Conversion Rate Optimization.
  5. 93% of word-of-mouth happens on this Social Network… It’s not Facebook.

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