How to recruit and retain the ideal talent for your team

Every business understands that finding and retaining the top talent for the needs of the company is one of the most important things any business can do to ensure success. Optimized Marketing has developed a unique corporate structure and recruiting process in an effort to ensure that we have the very best talent available to best serve the needs of our customers and, through this success we are able to help each other achieve our goals and continue to grow and nurture our talents as marketers.


While our structure and process are not a viable option for every business, there is potential value to many by sharing what makes our structure and hiring process successful.


The first key to our process is that we never stop looking for talent. We have been growing steadily every year and know that there will always be a place to use talent when we come across it. Our eyes are always open for the next great fit and when we come across him we pursue them and find a place for them in some capacity.


We also have one of the most rigorous interview processes that most will ever go through. Rigorous, multifaceted interview processes are vital to finding the right people. I have owned companies and also had several jobs in my professional career and have never been put through an interview as intense as what I experienced with Optimized Marketing.


We start  with Job Surveys that help us quickly identify the best candidates to consider, this is also a service we offer to our clients. Our testing begins with a pattern recognition test which is similar to what you would see as a large component in an IQ test. If one scores within a certain range that shows they have an aptitude that lends to data analysis we proceed to two other tests to gauge other components of aptitude and personality to see if the foundation is there to fit well with the company culture and the type of personality to understand marketing and express ideas and find solutions. These tests were challenging, especially the personality tests. I have taken those types of tests before and it was extremely easy to identify the answer needed to at least make myself look like an ideal candidate, that was absolutely not the case with the tests I was given by Optimized Marketing.


All of this is typically done before the applicant has had much contact with the person who will be conducting the interviews to come if all of the testing goes well. The purpose of this is to attempt to identify candidates that actually possess the ideal skill set and personality traits to fit with our needs and culture before interviewing them.


We place little value on resumes. Our testing provides information that a resume and traditional interview simply cannot. Resumes are “polished” and designed to paint an idealized picture of an applicant where the testing shows us if the applicant truly possesses the foundation of skills needed to perform to our exacting standards. Like resumes, interviews are laden with the potential for bias and favor charismatic, people that can put on a good “show” for 20-30 minutes. This process have been proven ineffective over and over.


Once our survey and testing has identified solid potential team members, we delve into a more traditional interview process where the team leader interviews the candidates and then follows with group interviews with their potential future colleagues. We make every effort to get to know the person who will be joining our close knit team before making a final decision.


Our interview process is only one component of what allows Optimized Marketing to hire the top talent. Equally, if not more important, is the fact that we are not limited by geography. As a company of entirely remote workers we have the luxury of considering applicants from anywhere. It is something we embrace fully as we currently we have people working in six different states and three different time zones.


Simply hiring the right people, no matter where they are located, is not where we stop. It is the amazing culture that we have that retains talent above all else. We are all genuinely passionate about serving our customers and supporting each other. This is truly the key to retention, finding employees that fully buy in to what you do and believe they are making a positive difference in the lives of others. We have an incredibly flexible work environment and tremendous job perks, but those pale in comparison to the bond that is created through our interactions and unified goal of supporting each other and serving our customers at the highest level possible. What has come from this process and structure is that we were awarded the title of the Happiest Company in the World out of more than 700 companies.