Boosting Pipeline Growth by 26%: A Deep Dive into LinkedIn Audience Targeting

Discover how adjusting LinkedIn Ads to target job function instead of job title can significantly increase your pipeline. This strategy led to a 26% pipeline growth for Cognism, a leading company in international sales intelligence.
Boosting Pipeline Growth by 26%: A Deep Dive into LinkedIn Audience Targeting

Hello there, fellow data-driven marketers! Today, I want to share a fascinating case study that I stumbled upon on CXL’s blog. It’s about how a simple adjustment in LinkedIn Ads targeting led to a whopping 26% increase in pipeline growth for Cognism, a leading company in international sales intelligence.

Liam Bartholomew, VP of Marketing at Cognism, had a hunch about their LinkedIn Ads. They were targeting specific job titles, but Liam suspected this approach was limiting their reach. So, they decided to experiment with targeting job functions instead.

Here’s what they did:
1. They refined their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
2. They created a process to identify exclusions based on industry, job title, etc.
3. They monitored their demographic reports for irrelevant job titles.
4. They adjusted their internal definition of enterprise to target more relevant companies.
5. They added exclusions to their ads, much like negative keywords in Google Ads.

The results? Their LinkedIn Ads reach increased by 2x, engagement increased by 3x, and their pipeline increased 26%.

So, why did this work? Here are a few reasons:
1. They got really clear with their ICP and target accounts.
2. They created specific segments from their ICP to pursue.
3. They increased their impression share among their targeted accounts.
4. They added exclusions to laser-focus their LinkedIn Ads.

This strategy begins and ends with knowing your ideal customer. From this foundation, you can experiment with different targeting methods and continually optimize your LinkedIn Ads for maximum reach, engagement, and pipeline growth.

I hope this case study inspires you to rethink your LinkedIn Ads strategy. Remember, it’s all about knowing your customer and continually optimizing your approach. Happy marketing!

For more insights like this, don’t forget to check out the original article on CXL’s blog here.

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