CDANA Convention 2017 Talk

Optimize your marketing with Pre-Suasion – The 7 psychological factors that influence buyer behavior.

According to’s Best Sales and Marketing book of 2016, Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade, psychology has shown that the most effective salespeople and marketers achieve top-level results by first preparing prospects to hear their message.

In other words, they set the stage using 7 psychological principles to ensure that the listener is receptive and ready to act on the message. We’ll review how Culligan dealers can benefit from these 7 principles to influence buyer behavior with a focus on using psychology to optimize your online lead generation to get more customers and sales.



Amanda Crangle is a former Culligan Gal & General Manager who channels her passion for helping Culligan Dealers grow their businesses into results-based online lead generation.  With certifications in Google AdWords, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Value Proposition Development, she’s helped over 50 Culligan Dealers improve their online marketing funnel so they can spend more time working on their business & less time working for their business.



Neil Flinchbaugh is a digital marketer with a love of all things persuasive and measurable. He combines a creative writing background with a hard analytical testing methodology to create innovative new advertising messages that resonate with viewers and increase leads, sales, and revenue. He’s optimized dozens of Culligan dealer websites and has a knack for getting big improvements from Pre-Suasive landing pages for water treatment.