Tracking Culligan Branding with Google Trends

These graphs will be updated by the 7th of the month with the previous month’s data so check back regularly.

The Google Trends Data that was used to create the USA chart above.

The Google Trends Data that was used to create the Canadian chart above.

Notes about the data:

  1. The data has been normalized to how many weeks are in the month so it can be compared month-to-month though the seasonal nature of our business makes monthly Year-over-Year comparisons more reasonable.
  2. Google Trends is based on a random sample of searches so if you look at the data for the same time frame but on different days, you’ll likely see some differences in the numbers. However, the trends will remain the same.
  3. Other branded search terms were not included because they had much less volume and so the added complexity of adding together terms seemed to abandon the goal of a simple, easy-to-follow, leading metric.
  4. Google Trends shows your search volume relative to the total search volume in Google. I wasn’t able to find Canadian search volume data by year but the search volume from 2016 to 2018 in the US changed very little. You could certainly re-evaluate the data by calculating the change in overall search volume to see the absolute increase in searches for the Culligan term however that would lead to significant additional complexity.