We don’t guess – We know what your customers want

What do your customers and prospects want?

The question is simple enough. After all, you are already giving them something in the form of your marketing message, products and services so you must know a bit about what they want.

Can you answer these questions about your website visitors?

  1. What offers (if any) appeal to your visitors?
  2. What services are the most popular?
  3. What words are they using to describe your services?
  4. What words or pictures most attract the attention of your visitors? (This usually is often not the same answer as #3.)
  5. What knowledge level do your website visitors have about your products, services, and company?
  6. Why did they leave your site without contacting you?
  7. What part of your website is most frustrating for them?

These are the types of questions we will answer and re-answer for you on a regular basis.

Can your web designer answer those questions?

Of course not. Neither can we. So how can he or she KNOW what design will work for you to appeal to your customers? Obviously no one can “guess” this information properly.

Any marketer who can guess correctly 1 out of 3 times is going to be a very wealthy person. Now consider that a website is a series of hundreds of little guesses added together and  you can start to see how quickly the deck is stacked against the chances of guessing correctly.

Testing & Optimization

At Optimized-Marketing, our team takes a different approach. We admit up-front we’re not much better at guessing than the rest of the website designers out there.

So we don’t focus on Recycled Best Practices or Rules of Thumb or even your input (sorry, you’re not good at guessing either).

Instead, we created an algorithm to continually Test & Optimize your entire web presence. We analyze how we get Traffic to your site, Convert that traffic to contacts, and Follow-up with visitors not yet ready to buy.

This algorithm allows us to minimize the guesswork and, instead, learn what works best to convert your visitors into prospects.

The truth is, we’re not the first ones to come up with this idea. We’re just the first ones to bring this technology cost-effectively to small, service-based businesses.

How well does Website Optimization work?

So well we guarantee it.