The Internet Lead Generation Formula

What is the Best Approach to Internet Marketing?

3-steps updated

The simplest way to understand online lead generation is to break it into 3 pieces.

  1. Where are you getting Traffic?
  2. How are you Converting it to leads?
  3. How are you Following-up with visitors not-yet-ready-to-buy?

To get a better idea of what is involved at each of those steps here’s a breakdown:

  • For Traffic

  • For Conversion

  • For Follow-up

    Not all visitors are ready to buy today. However, are you going to be there when they are ready to buy 3 months from now?

    • Email marketing is the best way to stay in touch with your target market. As a matter of fact, 77% of consumers prefer retailers to communicate with them via email. Direct mail is second at 9%.
    • Google & Facebook “stalker” Marketing – Google and Facebook have the ability to show your ads to people who have previously visited your website. You think you might be at the forefront of her mind when she sees your ad several times a day?

Any time a web expert, internet marketer, or your cousin Vinny says you MUST be doing THIS online right now, figure out which of these 3 categories his suggestion would fit into and then you have a direct comparison for cost and ROI.

Also, don’t focus too much of your budget in any one area as you need all 3.

An online lead-generating machine is not just a website. A website is only one piece in the puzzle.

Traffic, Conversion, and Follow-up are all required to make your online lead-machine really hum!