Internet Yellow Pages Management & Online Review Monitoring

You know they’re out there…

Existing customers, potential customer, people you may or may not even know posting comments on the 40+ online directories and yellow page listings.

You may not know how to monitor them, and even if you had the budget to pay your office staff to do so, how could you know each time someone left a comment (positive or negative) about your business?

How would you efficiently and effectively leverage each comment?

Well we can either give you a list of all the directories and let you have at it…


You can have us optimize and maintain all 40+ directories for you, notifying you when someone posts a positive or negative comment, allowing you to manage your business, your reputation, and even leverage those comments to boost your reputation.

What do we mean by “optimize”? Simply put, we edit inaccurate data, add photos, descriptions, business┬áhours, add and update special offers and promotions, and link each one to your website (which also helps with SEO).

By “manage” we mean update information as needed and requested by you and link one call tracking number to all the directories so you can know how many online contacts are coming from these yellow page listings.

Take a look at the following screenshots of a SuperPages listing for Culligan of Star Junction:

The first image is before our optimization:

SuperPages Before Cropped


This image is after optimization:

Updated SuperPages Listing


For just $100/month we can optimize and monitor over 40 similar online directories for you to:

  • increase traffic to your website
  • maintain your reputation
  • generate more phone calls to your office
  • help you stand out online compared to your competitors
  • improve your website’s SEO

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