Digital Marketing, Sales & Client Manager

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

As a top-notch sales and marketing professional, you appreciate that if you want to achieve your goals you need to help many other people achieve theirs.

Optimized Marketing is built on this foundation.

Join the Happiest company in the world. (According to anonymous surveys of employees at over 720 organizations)

  • Work from anywhere (we are 100% remote), but be ready to travel around the US to meet your prospects!
  • Flexible working schedule.
  • Unlimited vacation.
  • Monthly “education budget” – (i.e. we give you money to invest in courses, books, webinars, etc. to always be learning)
  • Design, Implement, and Test your marketing ideas.

Optimized Marketing is hiring a Digital Marketing Strategist with experience in effective internal & external communications, solution-based sales, client management, design skills, and data-based decision-making.

Minimum of 2 years experience in digital marketing.

Salary ranges from $40k-$70k / year depending on experience and/or commissions.

Are you the perfect fit for our team?

First of all, you are a great communicator. It’s essential for our remote team dynamics. Plus, you will be taking care of our clients, so the way you communicate their results, our recommendations, the areas for improvement, manage their requests, and sometimes listen to their suggestions and insist on us knowing what we are doing is important.

Additionally, you will:

  • Be passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses get an amazing return on their digital marketing spend.
  • Enjoy seeing the fruits of your work improve the lives of people you meet and know personally.
  • Love to learn and have a strong history of personal growth.
  • Thrive in a remote work environment.
  • Love combining analytical thinking with creativity.

And you might also:

  • Have direct experience with B2C lead generation.
  • Understand the ins and outs of Digital Advertising.
  • Love A/B Split-testing.
  • Be experienced in Google Analytics.
  • Have created landing pages in WordPress (no coding required).
  • Have an eye for attention-grabbing ads.
  • Have experience in basic graphic design, video & static asset creation.

What you will be doing:

As with any business that’s young and grown at more than 50% per year for the last 4 years, your position will evolve however here are the basics for now:

  • Cultivate a relationship and clearly communicate in positive, concise language with all of your clients.
    • Manage 25+ clients (mostly small accounts with less than $1000/month advertising budgets).
    • Live Zoom presentations with small businesses to optimize their marketing strategies.
    • Explain complex marketing concepts in plain, simple terms to clients (Via email, phone, and virtual calls).
  • Develop strategies, ideas, and methods for generating leads through different digital marketing channels for small, service-based businesses.
    • Know how to effectively distribute digital marketing budgets to get the best leads for our clients.
    • Apply conversion rate optimization to websites to continually increase web leads.
    • Optimize and split-test landing pages.
    • Appreciate data for decision-making
  • Invest time each week in your education to stay on top of the latest internet marketing trends.
  • Be awesome and have fun!

You’ll receive leads or will be generating them yourself. You’ll need to determine the client’s core problems, align a solution, and communicate that we’re the best option for them (but only if we are the best option for them), and sign them on as a client. In the sales process, you will be doing all of the discovery so as we onboard the client, you need to ensure that all of our promises are being met.

  • You put other people first. Most of us are not born with this. It’s a skill. And it’s one you’ve cultivated.
  • The best salespeople ask the best questions and this is a unique and hard-to-develop skill you’ve mastered.
  • As a digital marketing company, the majority of our communication is via email, IM, text, and in published articles like Blogs, Case Studies, White Papers, etc. You are a prolific writer with proven results. Bonus points if you’re an NLP purveyor!
  • Our clients don’t care about Click-Thru-Rates and Impression Share. They care about how we can help their business grow and you need to get that point across by weaving in great stories they can connect with.
  • There are people who are great at making friends and others who are great at closing deals. You do both.
  • Though this skill is not strictly necessary, we have opportunities for public speaking and it’s the perfect opportunity to set ourselves up as the experts so people are knocking on our door instead of the other way around.
  • You are a person of gratitude and reciprocal respect with an understanding that you have something to learn from everyone you encounter.
  • When you are with someone, you are with them – you don’t obsessively look at your phone or watch the people around you – you look into the eyes of the person you are speaking with and make a strong connection.
  • You listen with the intent to learn.
  • You set goals backed up by strong habits and accountability to continually push the envelope for you and your team.
  • You walk a challenging line between humility and confidence and between patience and grit.

What you’ll love about being an Optimized Marketer

You’ll receive extensive training on every part of our proprietary SPACE program (Science, Psychology, Automation, & Certified Experts) for driving leads to local, service businesses.

You’ll be part of our team every day – we have a daily standup at 11 am EST to share priorities and barriers for the day.

You’ll improve lives at small businesses where your effort makes an immediate, significant impact.

You’ll get access to dozens of proprietary software systems that we use to automate and systematize PPC management. Many of them reduce tedious optimization work that would take hours down to minutes.

You’ll contribute to a strong, values-driven culture to support each other and our clients to get better (with an uncompromising commitment to integrity and ethics).

You’ll enjoy our annual “retreats” where we all meet for a few days to share ideas and just have fun.

In an industry with an average tenure of 18 months, you’ll appreciate how strong our culture is by considering our average team member tenure is over 5 years.

But what you might love the most is that WE TRUST YOU!


That’s why we offer unlimited vacations.

If you say you need a break, we trust that you do.

That’s why we don’t have set working hours (other than a daily, 20-minute meeting at 11 am EST and any other calls you need to be part of).

If you say you will get your work done with a high degree of professionalism and killer results, we trust you will.

That’s why we only record your webcam for 8 hours/day.


We have no “tracking” on your local computer and full-time team members don’t even submit timesheets or “log-in” when they are working.

However, we have a numbers-driven approach to our marketing so we’re here to cheer you on when the numbers look great (and pick your brain on what awesome work you did)…

And also to help you if the results are trending in the wrong direction.

In other words, it’s kind of an outcome-based-remote-work-holacracy… 😀

Our Hiring Process

Though we’ve hired many people from all over the world to work from home, it’s still important for both you and us to make sure it’s a great fit.

So the process could look something like this:

  1. A series of Interviews – including some skills, personality, and aptitude tests.
  2. Part-time for ~10-15 hour/week – This will be a paid project and allows you to get up-to-speed on our team, see what we do and also get a feel for working from home effectively. Often this can be done nights and weekends while we ensure this is the perfect match for everyone.
  3. Part-time 25-30 hours/week (optional) – If this is mutually beneficial, now you really get to take off. You’ll never be micromanaged but at this juncture you know the big picture, our processes, and procedures for generating more leads, and it’s up to you to boost the number of leads our clients get. This is extremely fun and rewarding because it’s very self-directed but with some veritable experts an IM or video chat away.
  4. Full Time – Welcome to an elite club of internet marketing gurus! You will be one of the best in the industry and will continue to grow and learn just as fast as you can handle. You’ll have some seriously sweet perks to go along with your new super-geek status and our goal is to continue to expand those as we increase in profitability.

Fill out the application below and see if you have what it takes to be recruited by Optimized Marketing.

As a side note, if you currently work for any of our customers, your application will not be considered.

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