Who am I?

Hi, I’m Bryan.

In the last decade I’ve learned a few things:

  1. Experiences are worth more than Things and People are worth more than both.
  2. The Truth does matter (and can set you free).
  3. You can always get back lost Money but you can never get back lost Time.
  4. Nothing in Life, particularly it’s length, is guaranteed.
  5. Knowledge is like power stored in a battery… It’s not until you attach Action to that Power that it actually becomes useful.

Through 4 years of engineering school, living in 7 states, owning homes and businesses in 3 states I’ve learned at least those few things…

It’s important for you to understand, as we work together in the future, those 5 things are the basis for a lot of my thinking.

Do you agree with them? What have you learned in the last decade? It’s amazing how much people will drastically overestimate what they can do in 1 year but drastically underestimate what they can do in 10.

On a less philosophical level, the best 2 words to describe me are Adventure Entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, my love for adventure (i.e. Free Time) is what drove me from pursuing my mechanical engineering training to become an entrepreneur. You see to have complete control over your Money, Time, and Life you must be an entrepreneur.

More importantly, however, you can’t just be a Business Owner… Business owners, by-and-large, have jobs. They go to work every day and their businesses depend on them. Generally they are masters at the work OF their business (generally service or sales). Few small business owners are actually masters OF business. That’s right… Few people who are Self-Employed actually own a business… They simply own a job.

Over the last few years I’ve learned how to get out of that cycle… As a matter of fact, in my first 12-months in owning and running my first $1 million+ business (at 26) I was out of the office for over 4 weeks. Why? Re-Read my 5 lessons. Life does not equal work. For some reason in American when people ask you what you do for a “living” we respond with our job. In other countries, they respond with their passions.

So my goal now is to help other entrepreneurs become passionate about their lives through engineering small businesses that run without them. Funny thing, though, because I came into that position rather on accident…

You see my original goal was to build my business to support me… And so I did… And some people took notice… And they asked me to give a speech to a group of a few hundred business owners on how I did it… And then a few of them asked me to help them do the same in their businesses…

It’s from there that I’ve developed the 12 Month Business Tune-up.

To say my work is fascinating and exciting is an understatement. The best part, however, is hanging out with entrepreneurs every day (reference lesson 1). There’s hardly a more interesting group of people in the world.

No one can tell their complete story in a few paragraphs and neither can I… At this point, I’d rather you just know a bit about who I am, how I think, and what motivates me.  To learn more about my business ideas and how you might benefit from them, sign-up for my email list, subscribe to my blog, follow me on Twitter,  and/or Like me on Facebook so we can stay in touch.

To your Success,
Bryan Trilli