We Won’t Work with Your Competitors

You’ve probably never heard this from a website designer…

If you qualify to work with us, we promise not to do internet marketing for any of your direct competitors.

In other words, if you’re a plumber, we won’t work with the other plumbers in your town. If you’re a dry cleaning business, same deal.

Depending on the geographic area and your qualifying interview, this can be anywhere from a 10 to 25 mile radius of your business.

In major markets our goal is to never represent more than 5% of the market. In other words, if there are 100 HVAC companies in Houston, we won’t help more than 5. Let’s face it, if you have 99 competitors, then there’s enough opportunity in the market to improve the lead generation for 5 of you.

Why do we offer exclusive territories?

Because it just wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t.

We don’t just build you a website, we put together a locally focused lead generation system that includes testing, optimizing, and learning everything we can about your customers and prospects to continually improve how we market to them in the future.

If we gathered all of that valuable information about prospects in your market for you and a year later added your competitor down the street as a client, how would you feel?

As I said. It just wouldn’t be fair.

What if you just want a website?

Our goal is not to sell you a website. It’s to grow your business through increased lead generation. That often includes a combination of PPC (like Adwords and Facebook ads), SEO, online yellow pages, offline landing pages, online surveys and constant optimization of the entire process based on feedback in your market.

If all you want is an online billboard, then hire your local freelance web designer. We’re not the right solution for you.

Why don’t other web designers, SEO, or PPC experts work in exclusive areas?

You should ask them. Seriously.

My guess is they don’t understand the value of the information.

Possibly they don’t understand the importance and power of learning what wording, offers, graphics and designs work in your market.

Possibly they don’t know how to leverage the information to improve ALL of your marketing.

Remember in the movie in Men-in-Black with the society living in the train station locker? To the aliens in the locker life was grand. To us, sitting outside looking in, it’s easy to see that their worldview is a bit constrained.

Why don’t the aliens get out of the locker? Why don’t other web companies know how to better use this information?

Since our Optimized-Marketing team lives outside the locker, I really don’t know why other companies don’t join us out here. It’s kinda nice.