Part of your Adwords budget is being wasted…

But do you know how much?

Is my Adwords getting a good ROI?
Why are my Adwords costs going up without any more leads?
Why is Adwords performing worse now than previously?

If you’ve ever thought any of the above, read this email to the end as it could save you thou$and$ in wasted Ad spend.

The 2 Big Challenges with Google in 2018:

  1. Adwords is getting worse at interpreting search intent.
  2. Everyone else is guessing which keywords work

Let’s look at one example of Google Ads getting worse at interpreting intent.

We buy the term, “test water”, for many clients and have done so for years.

However, recently that keyword caused the dealer to pay for the search, “iphone 8 plus waterproof test”.

We have dozens of examples like this and it’s because recently Google decided to be more “generous” with their interpretations.

Now we’re seeing ads triggered for more completely unrelated terms than ever.

The great news is, this presents a HUGE opportunity for smart marketers to outperform their competition who aren’t as good at predicting what Google is going to do next.

For instance, here’s a dealer who generated over $23,000 in sales by spending less than $1400 on Google Ads.

Bottom line, you’re likely wasting a ton of money on Google Adwords but, with the right technology, Adwords can be highly profitable!

#1 Google is getting worse at search intent

When you add a negative keyword you’re telling Google, do NOT show an ad for any search that includes this term.

If we don’t want to show up for unrelated searches like “iphone 8 waterproof case testing”, the best way to combat this is with negative keywords.

In the example above, you could add “waterproof” and “iphone” as negative keywords.

The challenge is, Negative Keyword Optimization is a time-intensive process. You have to read every search and determine if it’s relevant which means you have to understand digital marketing and water treatment to do this well.

On an account spending $1000/month at $4/click, that’s about 250 searches every month. Almost no agencies commit to that time for all of their clients regularly.

However, at Optimized Marketing we started developing software 4 years ago to automate negative keyword work because we knew it was crucial to long term success.

It saves us dozens of hours each month compared to doing it manually like everyone else.

Our software also leverages Network Effect so all of our clients get better at the same time which saves our dealers 10’s or 100’s of thousands of dollars every year in wasted spend.

Since we developed it, Optimized Marketing is the only company with this Industry-level Negative Keyword Software.

To beat Google at a game where they literally write the rules, you have to have a long-term vision which is why we started creating this software 4 years ago.

After all, if a multi-billion dollar company has the ability to tweak a few algorithms to goose their profits next quarter, how long do you think it will be before they start tweaking?

So, in reality, it was only a matter of time.
For us, it was a simple choice to invest years in advance to ensure we’re leading the way.

If you want to get (and stay) ahead of Google, reply to this email or contact us.

To staying ahead of Google,
Bryan, Neil, Cody, Chika, and the rest of the OM Team.

P.S. Next week we’ll email you Part 2 covering how to stop guessing which keywords are working by tracking your ROI on each keyword.