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This position has been filled.
However we hire regularly so please complete the survey if you’d like to be notified before we post our next opening publicly.

Join the 2015 happiest company in the world. (According to anonymous surveys of employees at over 720 organizations)
Work from home (anywhere in the USA).
Set your own hours.
Unlimited vacation.
Health insurance.
Retirement plans with employer matching.
Design, Implement, and Test your programming creations.
Help small businesses grow and become more profitable through effective internet marketing.

This is what we do.

As a web developer on the Optimized Marketing team, you will be held to ridiculously high standards for producing quality programming that will help us get more efficient at generating new leads for our clients.

Your sweet skills

An ideal web developer loves making things run more efficiently and at a higher quality.

In other words, you should have a knack for looking at a process, breaking it down into it’s simplest pieces, and then writing code to streamline and automate bit obsessed with efficiency and quality. You can’t stand seeing things taking longer to get done or with more human error than is possible with some elegantly written code.

One of the most exciting parts about beih

So if you love creating new software and websites and then seeing the immediate impact of your work in the wild, then you’ll love working on our team.

Our team does websites, SEO, SEM, copywriting, landing page optimization, hosting, Google Apps, online surveys, email marketing, marketing analysis and anything else we find that will help generate more leads for our clients online. We bring Fortune 500 web technology to small businesses to turn their websites into small Marketing Research Laboratories.

And we’re good at it.

Here’s why…

We hire the brightest, most talented, and passionate people…
Train them into our unique culture and process for helping service-based businesses…
Then we unleash them.

Here’s the thing… If you truly are talented and passionate and you know how to manage your time effectively, you don’t need a boss breathing down your neck about the TPS reports (thank you Office Space).

Instead, we provide tools like…

  • Structure on how to continually improve the lead-generation for our customers. (We have an excellent system in place already and need you to help us automate it with software.)
  • Support from an expert who can answer your questions.
  • A budget to pay for your own continual education and learning.
  • Training on how to look at problems from “first principles” and then estimate the return-on-investment of a solution.
  • The freedom to run with your ideas. Without red tape, bureaucracy, or interference.

If you have sweet skills in HTML5, CSS/SCSS, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, Genesis Themes, Google Analytics API, Adwords API, project management or familiarity with the Scientific Method, you’re at the top of the class. If you have most of those but lack a few, prove to us you can learn quickly, find problems others don’t see, enjoy writing elegant code, and are passionate about helping small and medium businesses.

What will be expected of you

As with any business that’s young and growing at more than 40% per year, your roles will evolve however here are the basics for now.

  1. Improve existing WP Genesis themes as well as develop new designs.
  2. Evaluate and lead project implementation for things like a source control system and customer support management software.
  3. Create WordPress Plugins that will reduce our implementation times or provide better results for clients.
  4. Write and create new scripts or web software that connects into Adword’s and Analytic’s API’s.
  5. Systematize, automate and optimize our internal processes to deliver better results in less time.
  6. Develop new ideas and methods for making the services we provide more efficient and higher quality.
  7. Invest time each week in your education to stay on top of the latest web development trends.
  8. Cultivate service-first relationships and communicate in clear, concise language with our team and clients.
  9. Be awesome and have fun!

Our Hiring Process

We currently have team members working in 4 different states. When you have a work-from-home operation in such a quickly-changing industry our process has to be a bit unique.

Here’s our approach (though it can certainly be modified for the ideal new team member)…

There are basically 4.5 stages:

  1. Interview – to discern your passions, interests and goals and tell you a bit more about our culture.
  2. Basic Skills Test – We’ll ask you to fix some web pages and update some code to demonstrate your comfortability with problem solving and various web technologies. This generally will take 2-4 hours.
  3. Outsourced Project – You’ll work on a standalone project for us. You will be paid for your work and this will give us a great idea of how well you work with our team. Often this can be done nights and weekends while we ensure this is the perfect match for everyone.
  4. Optional Part-time 20-30 hours/week – If it makes sense for both parties, you have the option to work part-time. Now you really get to take off. You’ll never be micromanaged because you’ll know the big picture, our processes and procedures for improving our clients results, and it’s up to you to improve our processes. This is extremely fun and rewarding because it’s very self-directed but with some veritable experts an IM or Skype chat away.
  5. Full Time – Welcome to an elite club of web development gurus! You will be one of the best in the industry at finding problems and writing code to solve them. You will continue to grow and learn just as fast as you can handle. You’ll have some seriously sweet perks to go along with your new super-geek status and our goal is to continue to expand those as we increase in profitability.

We are a profitable 4 year old business with NO venture capital money, debt, or outside investors.

You will be team member number 10. You will be expected to contribute and you will have a blast because we have a ton of fun!

We’re remarkably good at online lead generation…
But we are even better at recruiting.

Fill out the application below and see if you have what it takes to be recruited by Optimized Marketing.

As a side note, if you currently work for any of our customers, your application will not be considered.

Join the Optimized Marketing Team

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  • Even if you're not familiar with them now, more than one of these tools your going to have to own like a boss. (In this instance, using the term boss is completely acceptable.)
  • We do all web apps but sweet skills in any programming language would be... uh... sweet.
  • Take this chance to fill us in on the details we forgot to ask you about. Go ahead, brag a little. But not too much. Just the right amount. Don't mess this up. Seriously.
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