Transform Your Business With Your Own AI Assistant

Transform Your Business With Your Own AI Assistant

If you’re a small business owner, the following scenario won’t be too difficult to imagine:

You employ Bob, a hard working and dedicated member of your team. 


Bob is frankly awesome; your clients love him and any task you set, Bob takes on with gusto, completing it to a very high standard. The bonus of Bob’s dedication to his work is that, in the process of getting things done for your business, he’s also learning more which enables him to take on bigger and more important tasks over time.


The only problem is Bob just quit.


He’s leaving to double his salary with your closest competitor – an offer he couldn’t refuse and one you can’t match.

AI Offers Business Owners An Opportunity To Protect Themselves

Employee turnover is one of those massive hidden-in-plain-sight costs for any business owner, because when someone leaves, they take with them institutional knowledge and client communications that no one else has access to.

Or no one else has time to weed through.

In fact, several studies have suggested that the cost of a failed hire is:

$ 0 k


$ 0 k

But what if you didn’t need to worry about your Bob’s leaving anymore?

Instead you could turn to your internal AI and ask:

What did we promise this client recently?
Are any of Bob’s clients expecting a follow-up from us?
Have any of Bob’s clients been upset in their emails recently?

Or, imagine an AI assistant that you could use to quickly train new hires just by having them ask your assistant questions:

Which outreach emails have had the best responses?
What sales rep gets the most positive responses to outreach emails?

Maybe you lead a business where your clients need to learn something about your products.

Take the water industry as an example, where purchasers of home or commercial water filtration systems need to know how to maintain their equipment. If you could upload all of your technical specifications and operating manuals, you’d never have to search a PDF or your Drive documents again looking for a key phrase or term. 

The same applies to your:

How To’s

Standard Operating Procedures

Client CRM data

Training manuals

Public memos


Customer service discussions

Knowledge bases


Slack channels and possibly even IM’s and emails

Imagine being able to “talk” to your AI assistant and know it will understand exactly what you’re looking for, weeding through thousands of documents in a matter of seconds, and replying to you with the correct answer like the smartest person you’ve ever met on the subject.

Faster than Bob (often by a matter of hours) and you don’t need to lose sleep about your assistant leaving for the competition.

Businesses Who Don’t Incorporate AI Face A Difficult Future

In reality, within a few years, every business will NEED this type of technology. But if you are the first in your industry with it, you’ll have a significant first-mover advantage that may make it hard for your competitors to hold on while they wait for it to become mainstream.


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